Królewskie Delfiny z Wisły playing

Delfiny is a group of enthusiastic outsider-witnesses playing obsolete village dance music. Their style of performance is taken directly from older players and remains respectfully normal for another time, unadorned, unbothered by modern folk-fusion aesthetic. Besides the ubiquitous violin, the instruments they play are likewise obsolete: harmonia, baraban, basetla and maly bass are leftovers from a culture left behind as slow and backwards. The instruments are, where possible, originals—antique and rough, these instruments are not likely to be seen in any conservatory. They produce a sound that is often experienced as unsophisticated for modern sensibilities—a sound we love! Repertoire features kujawiak, sztajerek, oberek, polka.

Królewskie Delfiny z Wisły:
Stefan Puchalski: violin, harmonia
Dariusz Szulski: baraban
Julia Piwakowska: mały bas

free entrance

24 II 2019, 5 pm
Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Kowarach
ul. Szkolna 2

Organizers: MOK Kowary, Stowarzyszenie Dusza, Lokalna Grupa Wokalna and Dotyk Radości