Association Dusza is active mainly in Lower Silesia. It was born from the thought and initiative of Maciej Kaziński. That is what Maciej wrote himself about this endeavour:

One of the main aims of the association is relating to the spiritual, material and cultural heritage of the microregion, in which the monastery of Lubomierz played a leading role. The focus of our actions is revaluation of this heritage and taking it as a starting point for various undertakings, which aim is to bond the threads teared apart by the complicated history and to develop them creatively. These actions are concentrated mainly on the sacred art, liturgical music and the tradition of the region. Nevertheless, we are trying to retrieve the universals, which reflect in the local forms and to consider carefully the Lubomierz’s peculiar genius loci. By studying, exploring, acquiring and diffusing these universal spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual values, we want to assure their wider accessibility – being however focused mainly on the adjacent environs. The idea stays in our minds that many of the cultural values was and is elaborated not in the big centers, but in country places, remote from the world, or seemingly not connected to it. The association then tries to revaluate the relics of the past and, by introducing them to the contemporary cultural circulation, make them being the current parts of life. The forms of activity include workshops, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, liturgical and paraliturgical events, school auditions, publications and recordings. The symbolical center of this activity are the Lubomierz’s church and monastery.